Cooper’s Book Report

This month’s book is Together Again: The Life and Travels of Carlos and Angelina by George Griffith.TAThis is the story of two bonded budgies and the adventures they have when they become separated. The book opens in 1935, when elderly Myrtle leaves a window open and  Carlos and Angelina fly away. They are captured by a pet shop owner and put up for sale. Unfortunately, Carlos is soon sold, and Angelina is left behind. Louisiana, Maine, San Francisco and Hawaii are some of the states that the budgies visit as they escape or are given away. Thirteen years later, they manage to reunite – but very briefly. They sing together and gaze at a double rainbow and then Carlos passes away.

Cooper loves to read about budgies. She was a little confused when Leo the African Grey Parrot became Leo the green parakeet two pages later. And she would have liked the focus to stay on the budgies (the book also includes historical anecdotes and the story of two humans, who are separated and reunited). Cooper was very sad that the budgie pair was separated, but happy that they managed to spend a few moments together at the end of the book.