Ring Ring…

In a new study, researchers from Northeastern University, the University of Glasgow and MIT found that given the choice, birds would call each other.

Eighteen birds participated in the study (three dropped out early on). They were taught how to work with the smartphones and tablets, and were able to decide if they wanted to make video calls to fellow birds.

They found that the birds would initiate calls, and would “learn skills from their video friends, including foraging, new vocalizations and even flying.” The phone calls were especially beneficial for birds who were isolated. Two elderly macaws formed a deep bond through their calls.

You can read more about the study here.

Sido Saturday

Here is Sido watching an Avi Birds video on cockatiels sent to us from Mark.

There is beautiful footage of cockatiels, along with interesting information about these wonderful birds.

Sido’s favorite part of the video was when a pair of cocktiels were asking each other for scritches.
Thank you, Mark for sharing this lovely video with us.