Cooper’s Cuties

Meet Duster!1I’m Duster, I’m a little budgie who lives in New Zealand, but really I’m a cheeky monkey! I love to be involved in everything my Human does – we eat, talk, sing, play, and shower together. We also help each other with grooming as I love head scratches.2I love so many things – my friends, kisses, millet, rolled oats, baby birrrrrds, veggies, sprouts, Cheops Feijoas, adventures, rugby, the All Blacks, flying, talking, Little Humans and showing off my underfluffies (yes you heard the word from me first!!).3My most favourite thing, other than my Human, are my little blue lids. I have so much fun playing games with them and with my other lids – all my friends around the world know how much I love them.

Every Friday I celebrate Flip A Lid Friday on my Facebook page ( I also have a Lid Lovers Club as some of my friends love lids too!

I can do tricks with my lids…

And I can play drums…

I make my Human so happy, and I try to bring kindness, smiles and laughs through sharing my adventures with my friends throughout the world. You can find me at…

5 thoughts on “Cooper’s Cuties

  1. Duster is so handsome. And such a talented little budgie, too. Those blue lids look like lots of fun – we’ll definitely be adding them to our toy chest : ).

  2. Hey, Duster! Congratulations, my friend. You sure are one talented cutie. Love watching you play with your lids and hearing you on your videos. Keep up the good work!

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