Remembering Ozzie

Today would have been Ozzie’s hatchday. It hasn’t been a year since he’s been gone, and we do miss him so.

We adopted Ozzie from the animal shelter in 2012. He had been attacked by a cat and a good Samaritan found him and brought him in. As soon as they patched up his puncture wounds and nursed him to health, he was put up for adoption. How lucky we were to bring him home. He was so friendly and very easy to tame.

If there was a budgie yearbook, Ozzie would have been voted “Best All Around.” He was the perfect budgie. And so photogenic! He was very chatty – if you talked to him, he would “talk” back. Not words, but vocalizations. And sounding exactly like he understood what you were saying.
He was the flock welcome wagon. He was so sweet to the newbies. He showed them the ropes – how to play and how to eat their veggies. Ozzie loved any toy he could nibble on. He enjoyed his baths and Romaine lettuce was his favorite – maybe even more than millet.

When we brought Emmy into the fold, all the budgies ignored her at first. Except Ozzie. He let her pester him, and over time became her sweetheart.

We were blessed to have Ozzie in our lives for over 10 years. If you are thinking of adding a bird to your family, please consider adopting (rehomed or from a shelter). You may end up with a bird (almost) as wonderful as Ozzie.


It’s been a little chilly. Here are some ways to stay warm, budgie style!

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Cooper’s Book Report

Cooper’s book this month is Super Budgie a Bunty comic book.

Trixie Taylor’s budgie, Sam, is attacked by Bruce the dog. Her next door neighbor, Brian, takes Sam to the lab where he works to see if he can help the little bird.
When Brian bring Sam back, he’s a little… different. Sam is now a bionic budgie!

Sam now has super strength, a super budgie brain and can talk. But his new superpowers have come at a cost. Spies are trying to kidnap Sam and steal secrets from Brian’s lab. Soon, Sam, Brian, Trixie and her parents have to figure out how to thwart the bad guys and save the day.

Cooper enjoyed reading a comic book for a change. She only nibbled on the pages once. Her favorite part of the book was when Sam tried to help with chores, but ended up making a mess. She also thought it was amusing when Sam pulled Trixie on her bike (at 90 miles an hour on the freeway) and dropped big bags of bird seed on the bad guys.
Cooper wishes she has super powers, too! I wonder what she would do with them…