April showers…

                                                                sataikasiasataikasia                                                                      ?bird-Parakeet-Shower                                                                      ?shower                                                                    ?e0bc9a0100a0149b729acde4c8127e64                                                     Bahti the Budgiebahti

Keeping Cool

We’ve been having a bit of hot weather in San Diego. To beat the heat the budgies have been playing in the water.

Ozzie in the pool.ozbathGordie takes a dip and a nap.gordieIt’s hard to get Alfie out of the water.a2Such a little clown.abathAfter a swim, it’s time for some refreshing watermelon. Alfie is always the first to the food. He was more about the lettuce (as you can see from the ever present food on his beak). w2Cooper was the only one who was really into the watermelon. Yum!w1