Movie Review

This month’s movie is Rio 2.rio2In Rio 2, Spix’s Macaws Blue, Jewel and their children travel to the Amazon to find more of their kind. Blue must learn to adapt to life in the wild, but turf wars with neighboring macaws, a disapproving father-in-law, a vengeful cockatoo, a romantic rival and evil loggers make things difficult.2rioCooper enjoyed the movie, despite the lack of budgies.There was a lot of singing and the visuals were amazing. The flying scenes were her favorite. She would recommend this movie for children as long as they aren’t disturbed by animals (and one human) being eaten by other animals.Save


Movie Review

This month’s movie is Song of the Sea.songSong of the Sea is an Irish animated film. Ben and his “pesky” little sister Saoirse live in a lighthouse with their father. After Saoirse is found washed up on the beach, the children are sent to live with their grandmother in the city. On Halloween night, Ben discovers his sister’s secret and the two of them make their way back to the sea to save Saorise’s life and free the faeries from Macha the witch. 1Cooper thought this movie was charming. The look of the film was beautiful. And Cooper loves a fairy tale. Her favorite part of the film was the grandmother’s budgie.2The budgie was the most interesting character in the film, even though it appeared very briefly. Cooper thinks Song of the Sea would have won the Oscar if there had been more budgie and less people…

Movie Review

This month’s movie is March of the Penguins.mopSince it’s March, Cooper decided to review March of the Penguins. This documentary depicts a year in the life cycle of the emperor penguin. mop1The penguins leave their ocean hunting grounds and trek 70 miles to their breeding grounds. There they mate, and the female lays an egg. The male and female take turns watching the chick and making the journey back to the sea to feed. All the while they must brave freezing temperatures, blizzards, hunger and predators.mop2This was an educational and entertaining film. The cinematography was beautiful and Morgan Freeman was the perfect narrator. There were some heartbreaking moments in the movie – not all the penguins survived. What these penguins have to overcome is amazing. Cooper’s favorite part of the film were the baby chicks – they were adorable. She thinks that penguins are fascinating (almost as fascinating as budgies) and highly recommends this film.

Movie Review

This month’s movie is The Sentinel.s1In The Sentinel, young model Alison Parker moves into a Brooklyn apartment building. Strange things begin to occur. Is Alison going insane, or is her new address THE GATEWAY TO HELL?*s2Cooper’s favorite actor in the movie was Mortimer, the budgie from Brazil. Mortimer had only three scenes, but he stole the show. s3Cooper was only allowed to watch a tiny portion of the movie, as it is too disturbing for a little budgie (Mortimer meets an untimely end). The parts she didn’t see were kinky (there is nudity) and gruesome. There are a lot of well known actors in the film (Jeff Goldblum, Burgess Meredith, Ava Gardner, Christopher Walken, Richard Dreyfuss, etc.) and quite a few character actors, too. Is this movie bad (in a cheesy, bizarre so bad it’s good way), or just bad? You be the judge.

*It’s a gateway to hell.

Movie Review – Come September

This month’s movie is Come September.cs1In the romantic comedy Come September,wealthy Robert (Rock Hudson) travels to his Italian villa to meet up with girlfriend Lisa (Gina Lollobrigida). Once there, he discovers his major domo has been renting out the villa as a hotel. His “guests” (a group of teenage girls and their chaperone) and a group of teenage boys camping on his lawn manage to upend Robert’s romantic plans. Sandra Dee and Bobby Darin also star as teens who fall in love.cs3Cooper’s favorite character was mischievous Cedric.cs2She thought the voyeuristic, champagne sipping budgie stole the movie (he appears in six scenes). She also liked the song “Multiplication” sung by Bobby Darin, as it featured parakeets in the lyrics.

Movie Review – Mischief

This month’s movie is Mischief.m1Mischief is a risqué teen comedy which takes place in Ohio during the fifties. Shy, nerdy Jonathan tries to win the heart of beautiful Marilyn with the help of his new friend, Gene. Gene is the cool rebel who is trying to win over his own girl, Bunny (who already has a boyfriend). Mischief ensues.
m2Cooper’s favorite part of the movie was when Jonathan hid his girlie magazines under the newspaper at the bottom of his budgie’s cage. She thought the lutino budgie was a scene stealer and should have been the star of the movie.

Movie Review – Zambezia

This month’s movie is Zambezia.1Zambezia is the animated adventure of Kai, a young falcon who sets out from his sheltered life to find the famed bird city of Zambezia. In the city he befriends Zoe, a kite and Ezee, a nightjar. Kai learns the truth about his origins and joins the Hurricanes, the defenders of the bird city.3Cooper enjoyed the flight scenes and the ending, where the birds outwit and defeat the treacherous marabou storks and egg eating leguaans (monitor lizards).2Cooper was thrilled that the movie showcased so many types of birds. She was disappointed that none of them were budgies. She thinks if there is a sequel it should take place in Australia.

Movie Review – The Big Year

This month’s movie is The Big Year.bigyearcThe Big Year is a comedy about three men competing to see who can beat the record for a Big Year (a competition to see who can identify the most species of North American birds in a calendar year).by1This sweet little movie stars Steve Martin, Owen Wilson and Jack Black. The three men begin the film as rivals, but become friends as they each work to achieve their goals.

by2Cooper was thrilled that there were so many birds in the film. There were no budgies, however. She had to settle for a picture of a parakeet in the bird montage in the credits. Despite this slight to budgies, Cooper enjoyed the movie and would recommend it to all her human and birdie friends.

Movie Review – Dumb and Dumber

This month’s movie is Dumb and Dumber.

dd1Dumber and Dumber is about two good-hearted, but incredibly stupid friends who drive across country to return a briefcase full of money to its rightful owner.

dd2Cooper did not like that the star of the movie, Harry’s budgie, Petey, met an untimely end at the hands of kidnappers (and was then sold to Billy, the blind boy in #4C).

dd3Despite the budgie violence, Cooper found the movie amusing. She hopes there will be more budgies in the upcoming sequel.

Movie review – The Crow

This month’s movie is The Crow.

c1On Devil’s Night, musician Eric Draven and his fiancée are killed by a group of thugs. One year later Eric comes back to life, and with the aid of a mystical crow, takes revenge on the gang and their leader.

c2Cooper enjoyed this movie. She was happy to see the bad guys get their just deserts.

c3Cooper thinks that crows are pretty badass. Not as badass as budgies, though.