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After teasing us with a return to a blue cere in June, Ozzie decided to go back to brown. Sigh. We are hoping it is just some kind of hormonal issue.
Other than a brown cere, Ozzie is healthy and full of energy. He loves to fly, take baths, and nibble on his toys and hang out with his buddy Felix. Sometimes they get into a tiff (hormones again), and need to be separated.
Ozzie also loves to groom and be groomed by Emmy.
At bedtime, Ozzie is usually the first one to his swing. He does not like it when he is in “bed” and I take him off his perch for a goodnight kiss. But every budgie must get a kiss goodnight.
Ozzie is our “all around” budgie. Wonderful in every way.

3 thoughts on “Spotlight on…

  1. Ozzie looks exactly like my budgie Elaine now with the brown cere. I hope he stays healthy and full of energy 🙂

    • Don’t you just love a little blue budgie?
      So far, so good with Ozzie. He is just as he always is – full of vim and vigor : ).

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