Things are a little hectic around here trying to make plans to bring Michelle home. Cooper decided to take a selfie to make things easier. I think that’s her duck face.


4 thoughts on “Selfie

  1. Budgies can be so helpful! Hope the plans and trip back work out OK. Everybody will be happier when you’re all together again.

    • Thanks – it’s good to be home with the flock! I can’t wait to get the newbies out of quarantine and in the big cage with the others : ).

  2. How typical of Coop–Only she could make such a successful effort of snapping herself looking kick-ass cool but in a way that seems she wasn’t even trying to look cool. “Yeah, I’m cool, sexxxy, laid-back, chill, I got it goin’ on, hens wanna be me and the fella’s wanna get with me. I know, what can I say. Hey, I’m just being me. Eat your hearts out.”

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