We Miss You!

The flock really misses Michelle. She went to AZ to visit family and had a freak accident while ice skating, breaking her leg in multiple spots just above the ankle. The budgies were hoping to see her tonight, but she’ll be out for another couple days. Here’s a video of the main flock because I know she would love to see them.

14 thoughts on “We Miss You!

  1. On No – This is just terrible news. What a Painful accident, I know…So sorry for you, Michelle – I am praying for your rapid healing
    I know your flock, (let alone, Harry) can hardly wait for your return – I hope it is soon

    • Thanks for the well wishes. This has not been the best month for us. It’s certainly made me appreciate having healthy budgies and a healthy body : ).

  2. Oh no, so sorry about the accident, it must be so painful to break a leg in many spots. 🙁 Get better, Michelle!
    Hope you and the flock can see her again soon.

    • Thanks Iva! After they gave me meds it wasn’t so bad. I’m ready to be on my own two feet again. I don’t think the budgies are fans of the walker!

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