Cooper and her Flock

Cooper with her budgie flock.
We decided to bring Dewey home as a companion for Cooper, and then we adopted Ozzie, and then Sunny, Emmy, Alfie, Gordie, Lera, Felix, Harvey and Riley. If it weren’t for Cooper, we would have never had these sweet, funny, feisty little budgies in our lives.

Cooper and Dewey

Cooper and Ozzie

Cooper and Sunny

Cooper and Alfie

Cooper and Emmy

Cooper and Gordie (and Ozzie). Gordie is in the back.

Cooper and Felix

Cooper and Harvey

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Cooper and Riley

The flock.

And we can’t forget Sido.

Cooper and Dewey and Michelle

Baby Cooper and Harry

Clear the Shelters

Clear the Shelters, a nationwide pet adoption event, takes place this month.
Our budgies, Ozzie, Alfie and little Riley were adopted from our local shelters – and what little treasures they were.
If you are looking to add a bird to your family, please check your local shelters first. You may find a darling budgie who needs a happily ever after.

Home Again, Home Again

The flock recently spent a week at a hotel. We were having some work done on the house and didn’t want the birds exposed to any toxic fumes.
The budgies did well. Sido did not like her travel cage. She was happy to be out (and on us) most of the visit. Especially Harry, whom she adores.
Harry was a budgie magnet – Cooper and Emmy spent a lot of time on the Harry jungle gym.

Emmy has lots of pinnies. She stuck like glue to Cooper. Cooper was unfazed by the whole experience.

We brought the playgym for the birds, but they mostly hung out on Harry, the tops of the travel cages and the top of the lamp. The lamp had a plexiglass shield (and never got hot), but we draped a towel around it to keep it poop free.

While the birds did okay on their hotel adventure, they are most definitely happy to be back home. So are we!