Release the Quacken!

The Quackers were in our yard again today. While we would have loved to have kept them there, we were worried about predators (crows, hawks, outdoor cats, etc.) gobbling them up.

We called Mary, a wildlife rehabber, who met us at the nearest pond. The pond had other mallards and even another mother duck with little ones. Mama (Saltine) and the ducklings (Graham, Keebler, Triscuit, Ritz and Oyster) walked out of the box and happily swam away.

Cooper’s Book Report

This month’s book is Pete, Pete the Parakeet by J.A. Arnold.

Pete Pete the parakeet is a little budgie who loved to steal cheerios, fly around the house and play with cards. He was a friendly bird who knew many words. In this book, the author shares the life of her budgie Peter in rhyme and illustrations.27

Cooper enjoyed this picture book. She thought that Pete had lots of fun playing with his bell and fleet of toy cars. Like Pete, she also likes to tear up paper and make a mess. Cooper think it’s wonderful that Pete was so loved he inspired his human to write a book about him.