Cooper’s Travels

We had lots of trips to various countries planned this year, but Cooper decided that Heaven would be the next stamp in her passport.
Here she is at the pearly gates. She is going to meet up with her flock, Dewey, Sunny, Ozzie, Alfie, Lera, Gordie, Harvey, Felix and Riley. She will splash in fountains, eat all the delicious millet she wants and fly free in clear blue sunny skies.

5 thoughts on “Cooper’s Travels

  1. Oh yes, so do I!
    He brought so much joy to me over the years. And I am just some random guy on the Internet…
    My heartfelt condolences to you, Michelle! And thank you so much for putting a smile on my face so often 🙂

  2. Miss Cooper had a wonderful life….thanks to you, Michele and Harry. She also had a beautiful, peaceful death. With all of her costumes and toys, she became a real personality. The picture at the top of this page kinda says it all….she is really on a new adventure. I know you are sad….but one day you will meet up again!!
    Fly Free!!!!

    May I ask, how old was she?

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