Cooper’s Travels

We had lots of trips to various countries planned this year, but Cooper decided that Heaven would be the next stamp in her passport.
Here she is at the pearly gates. She is going to meet up with her flock, Dewey, Sunny, Ozzie, Alfie, Lera, Gordie, Harvey, Felix and Riley. She will splash in fountains, eat all the delicious millet she wants and fly free in clear blue sunny skies.

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Cooper’s trip to the North Pole!

Cooper went to the North Pole to visit Santa Claus. She flew with Santa’s reindeer to see the Northern Lights. Mrs. Claus made her some delicious millet cookies and the elves gave her leftover balsa wood from the toys they were making for her to nibble. She reminded Santa that she has been a very good budgie and gave him a beaky kiss on the nose.

Cooper’s Travels

Cooper’s trip to Romania!

Cooper is in Transylvania sipping (pretend) Țuică and enjoying some Romanian dishes (sarmale and mamaliga). Later she will tour Bran Castle (referred to as Dracula’s Castle) in Transylvania.

A boat ride on the Danube Delta and a visit to Hoia-Baciu Forest (the haunted forest) are also on Cooper’s itinerary.