The Littlest Angel

On Saturday, January 13, Cooper crossed over the rainbow bridge.

On Friday, the 5th we noticed Cooper had a little bulge on her abdomen. It wasn’t there the previous day, and she was fine otherwise. We made an appointment for the next day with our avian vet.
They withdrew some fluid, tested her blood and gave her a lupron injection in case it was a reproductive issue (in 2016 Cooper had egg removal surgery when she became egg bound). The vet suspected a tumor, as the bulge was firm.

Her labs returned showing elevated uric acid levels and an elevated white blood cell count. The vet suspected a kidney tumor and an infection. So I went back to the vet to pick up some antibiotics for Cooper.

Over the next few days Cooper was slowing down. We moved her into the “condo” so she would be more comfortable. Emmy would visit her and preen her and keep her company. The following Friday we took her back to the vet for a recheck. There wasn’t anything they could do for her, but they prescribed additional antibiotics and pain meds on the chance that she might rally.
Cooper declined quickly that evening. We brought her out to the living room and put her on my chest on a blanket that was on a heating pad.
We spent the early morning hours just snuggling her and telling her what a wonderful budgie she was and how much she was loved. Later she cuddled up against my neck (which she used to do as a young budgie). Around 11 am she passed away.

Cooper was our amazing little budgie. We were so lucky to have her in our lives. She brought us so many blessings. I don’t think I will ever be able to express how wonderful she was and how much I loved her.
Life won’t be the same without her.

6 thoughts on “The Littlest Angel

  1. Oh my god Michelle, I’m so sorry. I’ve enjoyed seeing Cooper interact with the flock and all her adorable modelling shoots, days off, and bloopers these past few years. She was truly a special and fearless bundle of joy. Rest in peace to that beautiful girl <3

  2. Sending much love to you and the flock. It is so hard when a family member goes on their next adventure but she is always near by… just in another corner of life. Love is eternal ❤️ peace to you.

  3. I am so very sorry about Cooper and loved seeing her photos and holiday & theme tributes. I loved the blooper photos too!I have my broken heart too as I lost 2 older budgies within 3 wks of each other to tumors that came on “suddenly” over the Thanksgiving/Christmas holidays. My oldest,Perri,(9 yrs) passed the day after Christmas and we were visiting my inlaws so had to bring her back to her mate Victor’s burial ground who passed after Thanksgiving. I like to think all of our budgie friends are reunited together and playing up there. Thanks for your wonderful stories.

    • Thank you Dorothy. I’m so glad you enjoyed Cooper’s posts.
      I’m so sorry about your budgies. We love them so much, don’t we?
      I hope your Perri and Victor are together with Cooper and her flock over the rainbow bridge.

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