Cooper’s Book Report

This month’s book (manga) is Yuzu the Pet Vet by Mingo Ito.

Patient 15, Happy the Blue Bird of Happiness.
Yuzu is eleven years old. She helps her uncle who is a veterinarian at the Blue Sky City Bow Meow Animal Hospital.

Happy the budgie belongs to new author Kazuho Koga. Kazuho has just published a book and is working hard to keep up with her writing.
One day she notices that there is something wrong with his leg. She takes Happy to see Dr. Hidaka, who determines that Happy has broken his leg. Happy has not been getting enough Calcium and Vitamin D, because he has been staying up all night keeping Kazuho company.

Yuzu suggests that both the author and her budgie sleep at night and get some sunlight in the day so that they will both be healthy and happy.

Cooper enjoyed this story. It was only one segment in the book, but she thought it was the best one.
She loved the pictures, and had fun reading the book from back to front, and right to left.
She was glad that Happy’s owner wanted him to be well and did everything she could to make sure he would be a healthy budgie. She could tell that Kazuho absolutely adored her little blue bird.

Movie Review

This month’s movie is Rush.

Rush follows the careers of two Formula 1 race car drivers competing for the 1976 championship.
But who cares – it’s all about the budgies!

Driver James Hunt life revolves around driving, partying and girls. And budgies!

The budgies only show up briefly in a couple scenes. Cooper thinks the movie would have won best picture if they had focused less on the cars and more on the budgies.

James Hunt retired from the race scene and went on to become a budgie breeder. He entered competitions and was said to have had 300 budgies.
“He could spend hours in the aviary talking to his budgies.”