Cooper’s Book Report

This month’s book is Pets by Anna Ratzesberger (Illustrated by Elizabeth Webbe).

It’s Pet Day at school. Miss Kelly tells the class that they can bring their pets and share how they care for them.
The children bring in a variety of pets – a puppy, a kitten, a canary, a hamster, a turtle and a goldfish. Billy tells the class about his Shetland pony.
Little Peggy is home with a cold, but she calls the class to tell them about her parakeet, Pretty Boy. She tells them all about him and how she taught him to talk. She even puts Pretty Boy on the phone so he can speak to the class.
Miss Kelly asks the boys and girls who they think gave the best talk. Of course, Peggy and Pretty Boy win. As a prize, Miss Kelly lets her duckling spend the night at Peggy’s house.

Cooper enjoyed this little story. She loved that Pretty Boy looks just like her. She liked hearing about the different types of pets and how the children loved and cared for them. She thought the illustrations were sweet and was thrilled that the budgie was voted best speech. Cooper thought it would be fun to have a duckling spend the night.