Cooper’s Book Report

This month’s book is The Adventures of Pluffo the Parakeet, by Jean Austin-Long.

Little Pluffo is content with his new cage, toys, family and watching the birds in the yard. But after talking to the English Sparrow about freedom, Pluffo decides he is sad and unfulfilled. An open door leads to Pluffo’s chance at freedom and he takes it.
But the outside world can be dangerous. After an encounter with Tommy Cat, Pluffo decides that life with a loving family isn’t so bad. Especially when they bring home another little parakeet, Fifi.

Cooper thought this was a cute little book. She thought that the encounters with both the sticky cake batter and Tommy Cat were frightening, and was glad that someone was there to help. She liked reading about the different birds in the yard and about Pluffo’s shiny red bell. Cooper loves a happy ending, so she was happy that Pluffo ended up with a mate (and eggs!).

Cooper wants to thank her friends Kelle and John for sending her this book. XO