Cooper’s Book Report

This month’s book is Barnaby – written by Andrea Curtis and illustrated by Kass Reich.

Barnaby is a little blue budgie who leads a very charmed life. He has a kind lady who dotes on him, has toys to play with and eats sunflower seeds and slices of fresh mango. Barnaby is a happy budgie until his human brings home a little friend for him.
Barnaby is not pleased with the little yellow budgie and when he sees an open window, he takes off.
Will life outdoors suit Barnaby? Will he make friends with the dull colored little birds he meets? Will he be able to find food and water? Or will Barnaby return to his kind lady and new companion?

Cooper loved this book. She thought Barnaby was mischievous and headstrong, handsome and feisty. She enjoyed the beautiful illustrations, and as always, was glad that the book had a happy ending.