Cooper’s Book Report

This month’s book is Goodnight, Little Bird, written and illustrated by Julia Carvalho.

In this book, the author tells a sweet cockatiel all the reasons why it is loved before bedtime. Being silly, being kind and being brave are some of the ways in which the tiel is adored. All the reasons can be applied little humans as well when you tuck them into bed.
*This book is religious (Jesus, bible quote and prayers)

Cooper’s Book Report

This month’s book is Pretty Perilous Parakeet by L.G. Cunningham.

Archie, who wants to be a zookeeper, loves animals. He has many pets that he keeps in the garage (his mother will not allow them in the house). One day, he and his family take a drive out to a creepy animal sanctuary. His sister Sophia decides she wants to bring home a little yellow parakeet, and that’s when the trouble starts.

Archie is wary of the new bird. His suspicion that something is off is realized when the parakeet swallows Trevor the snake. After the bird causes trouble at school, brother and sister decide to return the parakeet to the sanctuary. Will Archie and Sophia be able to rid themselves of the tiny yellow fiend? Or will they become the next victims or the pretty, perilous parakeet?

Cooper liked that, evil or not, the parakeet was the star of the show. She was not thrilled that Archie and his family kept the parakeet by itself in a garage under a cover all day. She did not like it when Sophia threw Lizzie the lizard, either. Archie and his family need to learn how to take better care of their pets. Cooper was definitely #teamparakeet.
Other than the treatment of the animals, Cooper thought that children will enjoy this spooky tale where a brother and sister learn to work together to solve their problems.

Cooper’s Book Report

This month’s book is Your First Budgie Art by Enrique Videla.

It’s Debbie’s birthday, and her present is a bird cage – soon to be the home to her brand new budgie. At the pet store, she picks out her new pet – a blue budgie she names Charlie. The pet store owner gives her advice on how to care for the newest member of the family.

Cooper enjoyed the comic book style of the story. She thought it was a fun way to teach humans about how to properly care for a budgie. The book was published in the 80s, so some of the information is a bit out of date (providing gravel), but it has some good tips for first time bird owners.
Cooper would like to thank friends Kelle and John for sending this book. XOXO

Book Report

This month’s book is Chicken Thoughts: Comics About Birds by Sarah Wymer.

Chicken Thoughts: Comics About Birds  is a compilation of popular cartoon strips by artist Sarah Wymer.

Cooper thought this book was sweet and funny. Her favorite strips were the two that featured budgies. Of course, Cooper thinks the whole book should have starred budgies (Budgie Thoughts!).

Anyone who lives with birds will relate to the antics of Chicken, Blue Boy and their feathered friends. Included in the collection are some never before seen comics. If you are a bird lover or have a bird lover in your life, Chicken Thoughts would make a perfect holiday (or birbday) gift.

Cooper’s Book Report

This month’s book is Henny the Parakeet by Annette M. Spector, in collaboration with David E. Greenberg.

Henny the parakeet is the best birthday present an 8 year old can ask for. He learns to talk, eats dinner with his family and is very popular in his apartment building. Henny even goes to school to take part in Show in Tell.
But one day, Henny accidentally flies out a window. His family is devastated and searches for him every day – even offering a reward. Will Henny make his way home to his worried family?

Cooper loved that Henny’s family treasured him and knew what a special budgie he was. She thought the message, “Never give up hope” is an important one. Especially when it comes to lost or sick pets. Cooper loves a happy ending and was so happy that Henny was found and reunited with his loving family.

Cooper’s Book Report

This month’s book is Petunia Paris’s Parrot by Katie Haworth.

Petunia Paris is a very wealthy girl. Every year on her birthday she has gotten whatever she asked for. When Petunia turns five, she decides she wants the “most perfectest parrot”.
Paris’s perfect parrot turns out to not be so perfect to Paris. Despite her best efforts, she cannot make her parrot talk.

Cooper very much enjoyed this book. The illustrations (by Jo Williamson) were fun, and the book has a colorful foldout page of the happy ending. She liked that Paris learned some valuable lessons. By listening to what her parrot wanted (to go to Peru) she was able to have the most perfectest 6th birthday party. Who wouldn’t want to have a parrot party in Peru?

Cooper’s Book Report

This month’s book is Unflappable by Suzie Gilbert (wildlife rehabilitator and author of Flyaway – reviewed by Cooper, here) .

Suzie Gilbert’s newest book is the story of wildlife rehabber Luna, and her quest to rescue Mars, a stolen bald eagle. With the aid of the rehabber community, an ex Navy Seal and her getaway driver Ned, Luna and Mars make their escape. Hot on her tail are her controlling billionaire husband and his henchman, the police and a federal fish and wildlife officer. Will Luna and Mars evade their pursuers and make it safely to an eagle sanctuary in Canada?

Cooper enjoys a good bird book (even if the main character is not a budgie). Unflappable is an adventure packed with characters, danger and romance (which blooms for more than one couple). The love and the commitment the rehabbers have for what they do shines through. Cooper loved how they all worked together, against the odds, to rescue and reunite Mars and his mate, Banshee. She thought it was nice that the humans had happy endings as well.

Cooper’s Book Report

This month’s book is Pete, Pete the Parakeet by J.A. Arnold.

Pete Pete the parakeet is a little budgie who loved to steal cheerios, fly around the house and play with cards. He was a friendly bird who knew many words. In this book, the author shares the life of her budgie Peter in rhyme and illustrations.27

Cooper enjoyed this picture book. She thought that Pete had lots of fun playing with his bell and fleet of toy cars. Like Pete, she also likes to tear up paper and make a mess. Cooper think it’s wonderful that Pete was so loved he inspired his human to write a book about him.

Update: Budgerigar Book

From Sarah Harris, author:

Basically the answer to our shipping issue is that Amazon UK has no stock as their stock comes from Australia and is not being sent because it is non-essential.
Amazon US apparently is always later with Australian titles and it will not be available until January 2021.
Booktopia does not send overseas only within Australia and NZ.

The options are Book Depository – and publisher warns there could be long delivery delays in spite of what they say on their site. But if people are patient they can get hard copy that way.
Or the ebook, which is available for immediate download on or Amazon.