Cooper’s Book Report

This month’s book is The Parrot Who Owns Me, by Joanna Burger.pomThis book tells of the relationship between Tico, a red-lored Amazon parrot and ornithologist Joanna Burger, who adopts him. Tico comes to live with Burger after his previous owners pass away. He gradually warms to his new owner and even begins to court her.

Cooper loved this book. She enjoyed reading about bird behavior – both Tiko’s and that of the birds that Burger studied in the field. Tiko likes to slide down a banister, which Cooper would love to do. Except we don’t have stairs. Sorry, Cooper. She was a bit alarmed that Tico was fed chocolate (toxic to birds), but that is addressed in a warning at the end of the book. Cooper thinks that Burger’s first parrot, Lucinda (a blue and yellow budgie) should have been the star of The Parrot Who Owns Me. But overall, Cooper recommends this tale of the strong bond that forms between a parrot and his human.