Cooper’s Book Report

This month’s book is Pinkalicious and the Pink Parakeet by Victoria Kann.1Pinkalicious (who loves all things pink) goes on a field trip to an aviary with her class. She hopes to see the rare pink parakeet she has read about in her bird book. When the pink parakeet escapes the aviary, will Pinkalicious be able to use her knowledge to find it and bring it back?2Cooper enjoyed this book – even through she thought it should be about Pinkalicious and the BLUE parakeet. Her favorite part of the book was when the parakeet hitched a ride out of the aviary. She also thought that Pinkalicious’s brother saying he could eat seventeen worms a minute (like an oriole) was funny. If you’re looking for a cute and charming book, like pink and like parakeets, then this is the one for you!

Lorikeets Galore! Galorikeets!

Yesterday I visited the Aquarium of the Pacific with my niece Solera (Lera’s namesake). They had a lorikeet exhibit, because why wouldn’t there be a bird exhibit at an aquarium?lThe aviary was fantastic. I would love to have something like that for the budgies.2You can purchase nectar cups to feed the birds. You can’t pick them up, but if they perch on you, it’s fine. 1The lorikeet enclosure houses five subspecies of Rainbow Lorikeets and two close relatives of Rainbow Lorikeets and the Violet-Necked Lory.3Though it looks like I was only able to get shots of the Green-naped Lorikeet…
If you’re ever in the Long Beach area, I would highly recommend a visit to Lorikeet Forest.

Cooper’s Talent Show

This is Waldo, the lead singer of death metal band Hatebeak. Hatebeak is the only band in the world to have an avian vocalist. The band never tours as the amplification required could harm Waldo.waldoWaldo is a a 21-year-old Congo African grey parrot. According to the band, “Waldo is quite talkative and has always responded to music in general. We can tell he likes metal because he stands on one leg when he’s happy. He gets very hyper and talkative when we play music he likes and we usually record his outbursts following an extended listening period. We take the best parts and track them with the rest of the music.”hbcompHere is Waldo rocking out:

365 days of Felix

One year ago, today, we brought home this little guy.nbFelix is a wonderful little budgie. It took him a while to step up. But now he does so readily. He may or may not give a nip, though. When he’s distracted, I’ve even managed to sneak in a kiss

Felix loves the ladies, but none of the girls have returned his affections. Yet. Who knows what the future holds… He is a very handsome fellow.felix1year