365 days of Felix

One year ago, today, we brought home this little guy.nbFelix is a wonderful little budgie. It took him a while to step up. But now he does so readily. He may or may not give a nip, though. When he’s distracted, I’ve even managed to sneak in a kiss

Felix loves the ladies, but none of the girls have returned his affections. Yet. Who knows what the future holds… He is a very handsome fellow.felix1year

5 thoughts on “365 days of Felix

    • We have 4 males and 4 females. It would be great if they would pair off accordingly. Ozzie has two girlfriends (Emmy and Sunny) and Harvey has Lera. That leaves Cooper, who is not interested at all. At least he has company living the bachelor life – Alfie is single, too.

      *This doesn’t stop the boys from chatting up any of the girls, though.

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