Remembering Felix

As always, on our rainbow budgies’ hatchdays, I like to celebrate them by sharing memories and photos.

Today our little Felix would have been 10(ish). He passed in February from a testicular tumor. We adopted Felix from Craigslist (his former owners wanted to concentrate on their cockatiels).

Felix was a handsome little devil. He had a biting problem when we first brought him home, but he mellowed out as he began to trust us. He received many kisses despite the occasional nip. He really was a sweet fellow at heart.

Felix was a great friend to the other budgies. He flirted with our girls, but he loved Lera (his tweetheart). He enjoyed baths and millet and would fly to my finger when I called for him. He loved to chew up balsa, and talk to himself in the mirror. He was a very handsome boy and we treasured the nine years we had with him.
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On February 19th we said goodbye to our little Felix.

Last year we noticed that Felix was panting and tail bobbing. We took him to our (avian) vet, who withdrew some fluid from his abdomen. This helped for a bit, but the bulge returned. On a later visit, it was determined that Felix had a testicular tumor (which explains the lightening of his cere).
Despite the tumor, Felix was doing well, singing and playing and enjoying life with Cooper and Emmy. He had periodic vet visits to monitor his health.

Last month the tumor became too large for Felix to fly, so we moved him into the condo. He was still happily eating (all the millet he wanted), playing and singing to himself in the mirror. Unfortunately, he took a turn on the evening of the 18th. We could tell he was not doing well. On the 19th he quietly passed away in Harry’s hands. We were able to give him kisses and tell him how much we loved him.

Felix was nine(ish). We found him on an ad in Craigslist in 2014. His previous owners had two cockatiels, and wanted to concentrate on them. He was a bit of a biter, but over the years the nips were fewer and farther between.
Felix quickly adjusted to being a flock member and loved hanging out with the boys. He flirted with Cooper, but Lera was his little love.
Felix loved chewing up balsa – he was a busy little beaver. One of his quirks was tilting his head and looking up at the ceiling when the cage cover came off in the morning. He was a good eater and loved his veggies.
He tolerated his bedtime kisses, and the chances of getting a bedtime nip on the nose decreased over the years.

Cooper and Emmy were quiet after he passed, but seem to be doing better. Emmy is Cooper’s little shadow now.
Felix was such a handsome, lively fellow. It’s hard to believe he’s gone. We were lucky to have him in our lives.

If you are looking to add a bird to your family, please consider a rehomed bird, or adopting from a shelter or rescue. There are wonderful birds out there, just like Felix, looking for a loving home.


Months ago we noticed Felix was panting and tail bobbing, he also had a slight bulge in his abdomen. We took him into our avian vet who checked him over and withdrew some fluid from his abdomen. He was prescribed with a diuretic to help with any fluid buildup.
Unfortunately, the bulge returned. Felix has had more visits to the vet since, and was diagnosed as having a tumor (most likely testicular).
Over the past month the bulge has gotten even larger and our vet was unable to withdraw much fluid.
Felix is still eating, drinking and playing. He doesn’t come out of the cage as much as he used to and has taken to sleeping on his platform perch. We’re spoiling him with lots of kisses (he is more accepting of them), millet, balsa and attention.
Here is Felix out and about and giving us all a smile.