On the night of December 18th, our little Alfiebug passed away. Alfie had been diagnosed  by our vet with a potential kidney tumor. He had been managing well for quite some time, but in the last month the tumor finally started to affect him. His feet and legs were giving him trouble and he lost his sight. We moved him to a cage with towels on the bottom and he was given as much millet and lettuce as a budgie could want. On the 18th, it was clear that he was suffering. We were going to call the vet the next day about making that hard decision. We gave Alfie a kiss and tucked him in for the night. I always go in and check on the birds right before I turn in – when I did, I found that Alfie was gone.

Alfie was our funny little fellow. He was so sweet. He loved his bells, his baths and his lettuce. And he was always running around underfoot, looking for a stray seed. I’ll be putting a video of his photos and antics up soon.

From the day we brought him home from the shelter to the evening we gave him his last kiss, every moment we spent with Alfie was a joy. Alfie, I hope you are somewhere flying freely. We love you.

The Christmas Haul

The budgies received some wonderful gifts from their friends.

From Kelle and John, some Christmassy shreddables. Here’s Sido having fun.

And here’s Ozzie representing the budgies.

They also gave the budgies a huge bag of millet. Felix and the budgies say, “Thanks Kelle and John!”

From Adam and Drazen – a gift card from PetSmart. We used it to buy the budgies’ favorite toy – marshmallows! We usually split them up so the girls each get “their own”. Thanks Adam and Drazen!
*Emmy still doesn’t like the camera.

Sunny right before she attacked her marshmallows.

From their Uncle Polt, the birds got a cuttlebone and delicious treat sticks. Here is Cooper nomming away. Thank you Uncle Polt!

Cooper’s Cuties

Meet Holly!

Holly lives in Minnesota with Karon and Ernie (Cooper’s Cutie, August 2014).

Holly was adopted after Ernie lost his buddy, Bert, to a sudden illness. Holly had also lost her cage mate, and her former owner no longer wanted to keep her.

Holly is a sweet, fearless, smart and very curious girl who adored Ernie from the minute she met him.

She loves her mash, especially apples. And she loves exploring all over even in spots that are supposed to be off limits.

She and Ernie love their afternoon naps on the shadow box and playing with all kinds of toys.

Ernie was so sad before we found Holly but now he sings and chatters all the time. They are so cute together and we are so lucky to have our sweet baby girl for her first Christmas.