Cooper’s Cuties

Meet Ellie, Oscar and Tucker!


These little cuties live in North Carolina with Susan.

Oscar and Ellie came from Craig’s list and looked terrible when I got them. Ellie and Oscar were bonded – but now she is in LOVE with Tucker (but sometimes I will see her snuggling up to Oscar).

Ellie: Her favorite treat is carrots and sweet potato (I hang them from a kabob and she eats and shreds them). Her favorite toy is anything she can shred.

Oscar: His favorite treat is Lafeber’s Avi-cakes. He loves all toys, the kind that spin, bells and mirrors. I think he is VERY intelligent. He will not step-up, but all I have to do is say, “Oscar go in” and he flies right into the cage. He isn’t scared of me or anything – he just doesn’t give in. He hates Gracie (the family cockatiel).

Tucker: His favorite treat is millet and his favorite toy… hmmmm… he just loves Ellie.

Movie review – Bye Bye Birdie

This month’s movie is Bye Bye Birdie.

bbb1Cooper was not happy with this movie. Bye Bye Birdie is not about birds at all – it is about people. Who cares! But there was plenty of music and singing, which Cooper likes. One of the songs even mentions a hummingbird and a nightingale.

bbb2Cooper thought the brief cameos by a pigeon and a woodpecker were the highlights of this rather disappointing film.