Ten years ago a little blue blessing entered our lives. We adopted Ozzie from our local animal shelter – he had been found in a yard after having been attacked by a cat. The vets patched him up and put him up for adoption. We bonded quickly with him during his quarantine. He was very chatty and easy to tame. He, Dewey and Cooper soon became a close trio.
Ozzie was a water baby, he loved his baths. Romaine lettuce was a favorite, and he would “bliss out” nibbling on his toys.
Ozzie was a friendly fellow and was our “welcome wagon” to the budgies we adopted after him. He took a shine to Emmy when we brought her home, and the two became a couple.
Two years ago, Ozzie was diagnosed with a testicular tumor. It did not seem to slow him down in the least and he continued to bring happiness to all around him.
Unfortunately, his health began to slowly decline a couple months ago. Up until the end, he was singing, playing and cuddling with Emmy. In his last days, Emmy rarely left his side – preening him and sleeping next to him. On the morning of June 14th, Ozzie peacefully passed away.
Ozzie was the “perfect” budgie and we loved him dearly. He was the very best ambassador for “Don’t Shop, Adopt” (his photo was even featured on our local news during Clear the Shelters week). We could not have asked for a better budgie. Life will not be the same without our little Oz.