Cooper’s Cuties

Meet Petre!11425836_680475072087485_6146631407304790647_n(1)Hello, humans!! I’m Petre or how my slave likes to call me: “Piggy”, “Fat ass”, “The Boy”. But I’ve learned to speak all of these words so now I get to call my human “Fat Butt”.1908290_759454994189492_4292954487990569222_n I love eating ANYTHING my human eats!!! My favourites are sweet potato and boiled veggies. But pizza will do just fine when human’s not looking teheheh. I even tried to eat one of her moles…well I found out you cannot do that 🙁12672198_774811635987161_3244820324704282135_oI also love sleeping very much – but right until 5am when I wake up and shout my chicken heart out and get on my human’s nerves and wake her up. It is so much fun!!10945758_683234865144839_1867072193140807769_nAnd I love feet!! I could play with my human’s footsies all day! I like following them all around the house and biting them. Also, I like watching the little birdies outside and talking to them and taking baths!!12540886_766924493442542_7141390231099512473_nTho I hate it when human dries me off in a towel, she says it’s so I won’t hurt myself trying to fly with wet fluffies – whatever. I love getting kisses from my human till I fall asleep, and lying on my back in her hands! : )11536104_679800692154923_24167144493373166_nHumans say I look like a tennis ball, probably because I’m a bit chubby, but CHUBBY IS GREAT!!12642710_773451102789881_4202010773948532165_nAll in all, that’s me, hope you’ll like me as much as my human does (not at 5am in the morning but you got the idea).

Stay fluffy,

*Petre is on facebook – you can follow his adventures here.