Cooper’s Book Report

This month’s book is A Budgie Tale, Emmit Goes to the Vet, by Cecelia and Andrew Davis.

Emmit is not feeling well. She has a tummy ache and does not want to play with her friend Rascal. When her human comes in to let the girls out to play, she notices something is not quite right with Emmit. She puts Emmit into a small blue cage, and off to the vet they go.

Cooper is very familiar with vet visits, so she knew that Emmit was in good hands. Sure enough, after a dose of an unpleasant tasting yellow liquid, Emmit was back to herself and ready to play with her friend Rascal.

Cooper likes that Emmit’s owner took her to the vet as soon as she noticed Emmit was sick. She was very happy that Emmit recovered quickly. She  enjoyed reading about the author on the back cover – that husband Andrew was not a bird lover until he got to know Cecelia’s budgies, Emmit and Rascal. Now he has his own birds, Clementine and JD (he even did the illustrations for the book).


It’s National Wine Day!

By artist manolyam

Periquita by José Maria da Fonseca

Box of Budgies by Crown Cellars (eek!)


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