Cooper’s Book Report

This month’s book is Birdy: The Story of a Tiny Cockatiel Who Survived 6 Weeks in the Wild by Monika Mundell.

Birdy is short (the story, not including preface, forward and afterword is 15 pages), but sweet. When Birdy accidentally flies out the door, her humans, Monika and John are devastated. They put up fliers, spend days searching for their little yellow cockatiel and worry about the dangers Birdy faces in the wild. After 6 weeks John And Monika decide to bring home another cockatiel (Pumpkin) to distract them from their grief. The day  after a big storm, the couple gets a call about a lost cockatiel… could it be?

While this book was not about a budgie, Cooper still found it entertaining. She liked the afterword, in which we find that Birdy now has a flock of her own – mate Romeo and their offspring and new friends Pumpkin and Mickey. Cooper would have liked to have known what happened to Birdy during her six weeks in the wild. She is sure that she had many adventures, but is happy that Birdy eventually found her way back home.