Another New Toy – July

When the toy you ordered finally arrives!

It’s the California Roll. This is the MEDIUM. Yeesh. I think they added another size because this thing is huge. Next time I’ll get the small.

This is Sido’s favortite toy. She loves to pull out the palm thingies. Hopefully this will keep her busy for awhile.

A Budgie to Love

Comedian and songwriter Hannah Brackenbury performs a cute little song (a parody of “Somebody to Love” by Queen) about her rescue budgie, Bertie. Bertie landed in Hannah’s yard one day – she wasn’t able to find his owner, so she became his human. 27Now that’s something to sing about!

Budgies and TV

The Bad News Bears

Tanner’s grandmother is coming to visit. She’s allergic to birds, so Tanner asks Coach Buttermaker to take care of his budgie (Jaws) for a little while.
Unfortunately, a horse sits on the poor little bird.
The team is concerned that Tanner expresses no emotion over his bird’s death. But at a memorial for Jaws, Tanner breaks down and mourns the loss of his beloved pet.

Though Jaws is only in a couple scenes, he steals the show. We find out at the memorial he only ate premium birdfood and was trained to be an attack bird. Hopefully he spent a lot of time out of that sad little cage. RIP Jaws.

Full episode here.