Cooper’s Compadres

Three’s company!

Meet Mimi, Madison and Preston! These adorable little doggies live in New Jersey with the girlie and glamorous Talita. Preston loves dog clothes, walks, squeaky toys and treats.
Madison loves to lay down, bark at people, and treats. Mimi loves toys and treats.

Treats for the win!

Movie Review: Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga’Hoole

This month’s movie was Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga’Hoole.

This movie is about a young barn owl named Soren who is kidnapped by the “Pure Ones” (evil owls). Soren and his new-found friends band together with the legendary Guardians (good guy owls) to save all of owlkind.

Cooper enjoyed the flight scenes in the movie, but thought that the baby owl coughing up a mouse pellet was disgusting. Even though Cooper isn’t even  a year old, he is amazed at what CGI can accomplish these days. The detail in the feathers, background and special effects was outstanding. And now he wants a cool metal warrior helmet like the owls wore in battle.

Cooper’s Favorite Things

Maria von Trapp and Oprah Winfrey aren’t the only ones who have favorite things.

One of them is the remote control. Cooper loves to nibble on the buttons, so he’s not allowed to be on it. This just makes it more tempting for our determined little bird.

Earth Day

I think Cooper wanted to do all of this month’s bloopers in one photo shoot.

You’re too far Cooper – try to get into the frame.

Okay, now you’re too close.

That’s a little better, but could you back up even more?

Great. But could you turn around, please?

Um, Cooper…?

Try to stay put.


And now a time out for some preening.

I’ll just wait until you’re finished…

No, Cooper. This photo does not make you look fat.

Well, okay – maybe just a little.

Finally – success!