Cooper’s Bloopers – the doughnut edition

We don’t always get Cooper’s photos right on the first shot*. Here are some pics that didn’t make the cut.12345* Due to the photographer and through no fault of the model, of course.

Almost there…

Emmy is finally stepping up.fingerWe’ve only been working on this since November!  (Lots and lots of) patience does pay off. We just need to be a little more consistent, and then it’s time to move into the big cage.stanceThis was her usual position when I’d put my hand on the cage – in the corner, one foot on the perch, one on the bars. Except she’d usually be leaning waaaaay back. I’m so happy she’s finally coming around. Phew!

Oh, you beautiful doll!

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Eight is Enough.

Or is it??nbMeet our newest addition! We found this little cutie on Craigslist. He’s about a year old and went by the name “Budgie.” More photos later, I didn’t want to bother him with the camera on his first day. The little guy is already finger tame, which is a nice change for us. He also talks! Among his repertoire is “tequila”.

Right now the little one is in quarantine. Can’t wait for him to join the flock!