Cooper’s Bloopers

We don’t always get the budgies’ photos right on the first shot*. Here are some pics that didn’t make the cut.12345A carrot beak makes a yummy snack.6Cooper wouldn’t face forward. She really wanted that millet!89I have LOTS of photos of Cooper “undecorating” the tree.10sp1Which one is salt and which one is pepper? Ask Cooper.

* Due to the photographer and through no fault of the models, of course.

More Presents!

The budgies got some fun toys for Christmas. Sorry about the poor quality of the photos. The budgies were in constant action and I took them in the evening (I don’t like to use the flash).ozHere is Ozzie (who is moulting – again) next to the “starburst”. This toy was a definite hit.dewDewey seeing what all the fuss is about.coopCooper hard at work untying the knots.toyNo one would go near this toy – but I’m sure once they figure out it won’t eat them, it will provide lots of fun.sunSunny claiming the “marshmallows”. When she’s busy elsewhere, the other budgies sneak in a nibble.milletThere was feasting on millet and lettuce as well.sp3I had a gift to open, too! These little budgie salt and pepper shakers were from my friend, Craig. They’re so darn cute (almost as cute as the real thing) – thank you Craig!


Presents arrived for the budgies!
p1And they just couldn’t wait until Christmas to open them.

p2From Tam – Canadian millet, and from Adam – a giftcard from Petsmart! Cooper is wondering how she can keep them all to herself…

p3Adam also sent this fantastic budgie sticker. Looks like a handsome fellow I know.

Thank you so much Tam and Adam!

XOXO, the flock