Months ago we noticed Felix was panting and tail bobbing, he also had a slight bulge in his abdomen. We took him into our avian vet who checked him over and withdrew some fluid from his abdomen. He was prescribed with a diuretic to help with any fluid buildup.
Unfortunately, the bulge returned. Felix has had more visits to the vet since, and was diagnosed as having a tumor (most likely testicular).
Over the past month the bulge has gotten even larger and our vet was unable to withdraw much fluid.
Felix is still eating, drinking and playing. He doesn’t come out of the cage as much as he used to and has taken to sleeping on his platform perch. We’re spoiling him with lots of kisses (he is more accepting of them), millet, balsa and attention.
Here is Felix out and about and giving us all a smile.

Sunny Days

January 25, 2013.
We bring home our little ray of sunshine. We found Sunny on Craigslist. She wasn’t tame and was frightened of our hands. But with time and patience she began to trust us.

When we introduced Sunny to the flock, it was love at first sight for Dewey. He was enchanted and was never far from her side. And the feeling was mutual. They were a devoted (and cute) couple. 

Sunny was a water baby. Of all our birds, she loved baths the most. She would be the first in the “tub” and the last out, and would end up completely soaked. I hope there are lots of fountains over the rainbow bridge.

I think Sunny liked to play hide and seek (or was probably looking for somewhere to nest). The bookcase was a favorite spot, and she would nibble on some of the books. Naughty! She loved paper towel tubes and hiding behind the blinds and play gyms. But if you called her name, her little yellow head would pop up.

Sunny was a good eater. At first she wouldn’t even eat lettuce, but the budgies showed her that fruits and veggies are delicious. Of course, she also loved millet. And more millet. 

Sunny was a playful budgie. She loved to drop her footie toys off the top of the cage. I would catch them and put them back and she would do it again and again – a very fun game. Shreddable and chew toys were favorites and she was often beak deep in balsa.

A couple years ago Sunny developed arthritis and could no longer fly. We moved her into her “condo” at night, so she wouldn’t fall off her perch.
Sunny got lots of exercise running around on the floor and playing with her footie toys. The other budgies would join her so she wasn’t alone. When she was done playing, she would step up on our feet and look up at us so we could put her back in the cage. Elevator up!

Photos of Sunny with her budgie flock: Cooper, Dewey, Ozzie, Emmy, Alfie, Gordie, Lera, Felix, Harvey and Riley.

Thank you, Sunny, for being the sweetest budgie. You gave us so much joy and love. You truly were a little ray of sunshine