Our Emmy.

Baby Emmy, November 2013.

Emmy and her toys.

One of the things I loved about Emmy is that she had dots on one side of her face,

but not the other.

I also loved how she would sometimes nap “butt up” or completely flattened.

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Emmy and Ozzie – when Emmy was introduced to the flock, they didn’t want much to do with her. I think her playful, babyish ways were a little too much for them. But Ozzie (our little welcome wagon) would hang out with her. Eventually, they became tweethearts and were a pair until Ozzie crossed the rainbow bridge in 2022. Up until the end, she stayed by his side preening and cuddling with him.

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Emmy in the Nestflix show, Emmy in Paris (seasons 1, 2 and 3).

Emmy after her bath.

Enjoying her millet.

Emmy needs a napkin.

Emmy was a messy eater, and often had mash on her face after breakfast.

Being naughty.

Emmy and Cooper.

Emmy and the flock, Sunny, Harvey, Cooper, Alfie, Felix and Ozzie.

Emmy and Alfie.

Emmy and Sido. Sido says, don’t get too close!

Cooper, Felix, Ozzie, Riley and Emmy.

Lera, Gordie, Felix, Alfie, Cooper, Ozzie, Sunny and Emmy.

Emmy, thank you for all the joy you brought us. We love you.

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