Remembering Dewey

I like to share memories of our “rainbow” budgies on what would have been their hatchdays.
This year I decided to share videos.

Today we are thinking of our darling Dewey on what would have been his hatchday.
Dewey was our second budgie. We brought him home to be a companion for Cooper. He was just a baby, and an awkward baby at that. It didn’t take long for him to win our hearts.
Dewey grew into a striking fellow. He was best buddies with Ozzie, and soon became the flock leader.

Dewey enjoyed his oats and would “bliss out” eating them. He liked to make confetti out of carrots, and play with his mirrored dice. He was an amazing flier – quick and acrobatic. What Dewey loved most though, was Sunny. He fell head over heels for her at first sight. He was a devoted boyfriend and was always at her side.

Dewey was such a wonderful little budgie. He was very gentle and a friend to all. Though he left us in 2014, we still miss his presence. He was a sweet, handsome fellow who left us with many happy memories.

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As always, on our rainbow budgies’ hatchdays, I like to celebrate them by sharing memories and photos.

Today our little Felix would have been 10(ish). He passed in February from a testicular tumor. We adopted Felix from Craigslist (his former owners wanted to concentrate on their cockatiels).

Felix was a handsome little devil. He had a biting problem when we first brought him home, but he mellowed out as he began to trust us. He received many kisses despite the occasional nip. He really was a sweet fellow at heart.

Felix was a great friend to the other budgies. He flirted with our girls, but he loved Lera (his tweetheart). He enjoyed baths and millet and would fly to my finger when I called for him. He loved to chew up balsa, and talk to himself in the mirror. He was a very handsome boy and we treasured the nine years we had with him.

Clear the Shelters

Clear the Shelters, a nationwide pet adoption event, takes place this month.
Our budgies, Ozzie, Alfie and little Riley were adopted from our local shelters – and what little treasures they were.
If you are looking to add a bird to your family, please check your local shelters first. You may find a darling budgie who needs a happily ever after.

Remembering Ozzie

Today would have been Ozzie’s hatchday. It hasn’t been a year since he’s been gone, and we do miss him so.

We adopted Ozzie from the animal shelter in 2012. He had been attacked by a cat and a good Samaritan found him and brought him in. As soon as they patched up his puncture wounds and nursed him to health, he was put up for adoption. How lucky we were to bring him home. He was so friendly and very easy to tame.

If there was a budgie yearbook, Ozzie would have been voted “Best All Around.” He was the perfect budgie. And so photogenic! He was very chatty – if you talked to him, he would “talk” back. Not words, but vocalizations. And sounding exactly like he understood what you were saying.
He was the flock welcome wagon. He was so sweet to the newbies. He showed them the ropes – how to play and how to eat their veggies. Ozzie loved any toy he could nibble on. He enjoyed his baths and Romaine lettuce was his favorite – maybe even more than millet.

When we brought Emmy into the fold, all the budgies ignored her at first. Except Ozzie. He let her pester him, and over time became her sweetheart.

We were blessed to have Ozzie in our lives for over 10 years. If you are thinking of adding a bird to your family, please consider adopting (rehomed or from a shelter). You may end up with a bird (almost) as wonderful as Ozzie.


Ten years ago a little blue blessing entered our lives. We adopted Ozzie from our local animal shelter – he had been found in a yard after having been attacked by a cat. The vets patched him up and put him up for adoption. We bonded quickly with him during his quarantine. He was very chatty and easy to tame. He, Dewey and Cooper soon became a close trio.
Ozzie was a water baby, he loved his baths. Romaine lettuce was a favorite, and he would “bliss out” nibbling on his toys.
Ozzie was a friendly fellow and was our “welcome wagon” to the budgies we adopted after him. He took a shine to Emmy when we brought her home, and the two became a couple.
Two years ago, Ozzie was diagnosed with a testicular tumor. It did not seem to slow him down in the least and he continued to bring happiness to all around him.
Unfortunately, his health began to slowly decline a couple months ago. Up until the end, he was singing, playing and cuddling with Emmy. In his last days, Emmy rarely left his side – preening him and sleeping next to him. On the morning of June 14th, Ozzie peacefully passed away.
Ozzie was the “perfect” budgie and we loved him dearly. He was the very best ambassador for “Don’t Shop, Adopt” (his photo was even featured on our local news during Clear the Shelters week). We could not have asked for a better budgie. Life will not be the same without our little Oz.