Birthday Budgie

Look who is 9(ish)!

Ozzie celebrated with millet – of course!

Ozzie also snacked on some Romaine lettuce (a favorite).

Here he is with one of his hatchday presents. He loves to nibble on this one. He is our little nibbler.

He also took a little birthday bath.

Happy hatchday little one! We love you sooo much! XOXO

*Ozzie was recently diagnosed by his avian vet with a possible testicular tumor. Other than his brown cere, he appears to be perfectly fine.

Clear the Shelters

The annual Clear the Shelters Drive is this month.

Here is Ozzie when we brought him home from the animal shelter in 2012.
He had been attacked by a cat in someone’s yard. A good Samaritan brought him to the shelter where he was patched up. You can see he is missing his tail feathers.

Here is Ozzie today. Ozzie is a dream budgie. He loves to answer you when you talk to him. He is friend to everybirdie – and is the first to welcome a new budgie. He sets a good example by eating all his veggies. When he is ready to go to bed he hops up on his swing. Ozzie is such a sweet boy and is very patient when his humans give him too many kisses.

If you are looking to add a feathered friend to your family, please consider adopting.