Remembering Felix

As always, on our rainbow budgies’ hatchdays, I like to celebrate them by sharing memories and photos.

Today our little Felix would have been 10(ish). He passed in February from a testicular tumor. We adopted Felix from Craigslist (his former owners wanted to concentrate on their cockatiels).

Felix was a handsome little devil. He had a biting problem when we first brought him home, but he mellowed out as he began to trust us. He received many kisses despite the occasional nip. He really was a sweet fellow at heart.

Felix was a great friend to the other budgies. He flirted with our girls, but he loved Lera (his tweetheart). He enjoyed baths and millet and would fly to my finger when I called for him. He loved to chew up balsa, and talk to himself in the mirror. He was a very handsome boy and we treasured the nine years we had with him.

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