Thinking about our Lera on her what would have been her Hatchday.

Feisty, curious and adorable. That was our little Lera.
We found Lera on Craigslist in 2014. Her owner was going off to college, and the family was looking for someone to adopt her.
After her quarantine, she joined the flock, and wasted no time showing everybudgie who was boss.
Lera loved baths, toys, cauliflower and getting into everything.
Unfortunately, Lera had issues with her health. She had to have regular beak trims, and in her later years with us, would visit the vet occasionally to have fluid withdrawn from her abdomen. None of this slowed her down in any way.
Lera was doted on by Gordie, then later Harvey and Felix. And of course, her humans. Lera packed a lot of personality into a tiny body and we loved her very much – we were so lucky to have found her.
If you are looking to add a budgie to your family, please consider adopting. There are some amazing little budgies out there who need a happily ever after.

Adopt a Rescued Bird Month

Ozzie, Alfie and Sido were all adopted from our local rescues and Sunny, Emmy, Gordie, Lera, Felix and Harvey are all rehomed (Craigslist). They have brought so much joy and love into our lives.
If you are thinking of adding a bird to your family, please consider adopting. These birds have so much to give and deserve a second chance at a loving, forever home.


This year we lost a dear friend, Frances Sondra Appleby. Sondra had a love for budgies and often commented on Cooper’s posts throughout the years (as Sondra, Ollie, SPBudgie, and/or SweetPea Budgie). She always had lovely things to say about the flock and was there to celebrate the good times and to offer support during the bad. Today would have been her 67th birthday. Even though we never met in person, we miss her dearly.
Here she is with her darling budgie, Sweet Pea, and with our budgies Alfie, Dewey, Gordie and Lera. I hope they are all together in paradise – happy and at peace.