I Am Happy, I Am Loved…

Comic strip by Jenny Jinya.

This is the sad reality for many pet birds. If you want to add a budgie to your family,  do your research.
First, consider adopting. If your budgie will be spending most of its day alone, bring home two. Budgies are flock animals and need a friend. Budgies are noisy. Budgies are messy. Despite being inexpensive to buy, a budgie’s vet bills can be very expensive. Budgies require fresh food, which can be costly and take time to prepare. Some budgies require a lot of time and patience to tame. Budgies need stimulation – this means new toys (ours go through them quickly). Budgies need large, spacious cages. Budgies are a commitment, not a passing fancy. Please keep your budgie happy and loved.


From the artist:

Clear the Shelters

The annual Clear the Shelters Drive is this month.

Here is Ozzie when we brought him home from the animal shelter in 2012.
He had been attacked by a cat in someone’s yard. A good Samaritan brought him to the shelter where he was patched up. You can see he is missing his tail feathers.

Here is Ozzie today. Ozzie is a dream budgie. He loves to answer you when you talk to him. He is friend to everybirdie – and is the first to welcome a new budgie. He sets a good example by eating all his veggies. When he is ready to go to bed he hops up on his swing. Ozzie is such a sweet boy and is very patient when his humans give him too many kisses.

If you are looking to add a feathered friend to your family, please consider adopting.

Adopt a Rescued Bird Month

Ozzie, Alfie and Sido were all adopted from our local rescues and Sunny, Emmy, Gordie, Lera, Felix and Harvey are all rehomed (Craigslist). They have brought so much joy and love into our lives.
If you are thinking of adding a bird to your family, please consider adopting. These birds have so much to give and deserve a second chance at a loving, forever home.

Happy Ending

Last month over 80 cockatiels were rescued from a hoarding situation in San Diego.  The Humane Society’s law enforcement division took the birds out. They were examined and yesterday were given the all clear for adoption.

The birds were up for adoption at 11 am. By 2 pm every one of the birds had been adopted. We are so happy the cockatiels have found new homes. We wish them and their new families all the best!photos by San Diego Humane Society

You can read more on the story here.