I Am Happy, I Am Loved…

Comic strip by Jenny Jinya.

This is the sad reality for many pet birds. If you want to add a budgie to your family,  do your research.
First, consider adopting. If your budgie will be spending most of its day alone, bring home two. Budgies are flock animals and need a friend. Budgies are noisy. Budgies are messy. Despite being inexpensive to buy, a budgie’s vet bills can be very expensive. Budgies require fresh food, which can be costly and take time to prepare. Some budgies require a lot of time and patience to tame. Budgies need stimulation – this means new toys (ours go through them quickly). Budgies need large, spacious cages. Budgies are a commitment, not a passing fancy. Please keep your budgie happy and loved.

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From the artist:

8 thoughts on “I Am Happy, I Am Loved…

  1. I had two birds, tweetie ansd sweetie, man the noise at 5 am, so we cover there cage and they were fine. We loved them, and took wonderful care of them. I did all my reserch on them and when tweetie died, i grew worried for sweetie because when the cage mate dies then the other one will too from lonelness, i kept sweetie alive for two years, i sang with his tweets and he use to bite my lip not hard when we play. I cried when i found him on the bottom of the cage, at first i though he was stuck, so i carefully reached in to unstick him, but i could feel him shaking so i held him as he said a few tweets and was just gone, then i cried buckets of tears, as kissed him good bye

    • You loved your budgies very much. And were able to be with little Sweetie at the end. It’s so hard to say goodbye. <3

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