One of the risks we take when we decide to let a pet into our hearts is the heartbreak we will go through if/when we say goodbye. Rhea the Naked Birdie, the little lovebird with Psittacine Beak and Feather Disease has crossed the Rainbow Bridge. She was adopted from a vet clinic by Isabella Eisenman, who set up an Instagram account and facebook page for the tiny bird. Rhea quickly became a superstar with thousands of adoring fans – many of whom sent her hand knitted garments. 

Rhea has inspired many with her message that “different is beautiful”.

Cooper and the flock hope that Rhea knows how beloved she was and that somewhere she is flying free and preening her glossy new feathers.

Cooper’s Book Report

This month’s book is Roy and the Budgie by Roderick Hunt.

Roy’s budgie, Joey, flies out the window. Oops. Roy goes into the woods to look for Joey. Roy doesn’t find his budgie, but he does find an ostrich. Luckily, Roy runs into a zookeeper, who is holding a very familiar budgie. The two trade birds and everyone lives happily ever after.

This is a very short book meant for beginning readers. Cooper thought it was a cute story. She would have liked less ostrich and more budgie, but she was glad that Joey and the ostrich both found their way home. Especially since she saw that Joey had some millet hanging in his cage.