Cooper’s Book Report

wesThis month’s book is Wesley the Owl, by Stacey O’Brien.

This book is the memoir of the nineteen year relationship between biologist Stacey O’ Brien, and Wesley, a four day old barn owlet. Wesley could not be rehabilitated and released in the wild due to nerve damage in one wing, so Stacey adopts him and takes him home. The two bond and have many adventures over the years. Raising an owl is no easy task, but Stacey lovingly cares for the little owl and shares her discoveries about owl behavior.

Cooper thought this book was both moving and educational. She enjoyed reading about Oliver’s exploits – especially his love of baths and magazine ripping (two of her favorite activities). She found the description of mouse preparation/feeding to be disgusting, however. But supposes an owl must eat what an owl must eat. Cooper would recommend this book if you would like some insight into “The Way of the Owl”.

Cooper’s Compadres

Meet Penguin!

p1Penguin lives in Portugal with Aluz.


(All wet and acting silly)

Penguin (a  blue masked lovebird) is a rescued stray, I found him perched on the food cups of my other lovebird’s cage and managed to get him back to safety indoors. Since no one claimed him, I decided to make him part of the flock.
He is very energetic and mischievous as well, loves to knock down his water container almost on a daily basis, he is also quite the chewer. Like most lovebirds, he is very into taking baths and his favourite toy is the swing, although at times he also enjoys his bells.
His favourite veggie is spinach.

SEMC 3MP DSC(This particular swing didn’t last a week it wasn’t sturdy enough for Penguin’s beak)