Caught in the Act

This had been happening recently:

spillOne of the budgies was knocking the seed cups down, spilling perfectly good seed on the bottom of the cage. We suspected Dewey. Though mild-mannered, he has been known to knock around the food cup when it has too many pellets (and not enough oats) in it. But to be sure, we set up the CooperCam to see who the culprit was. We later fast forwarded through three hours of footage and saw this:

badbudgieIt was Sunny! This little one definitely has a naughty streak.

harryHarry got to work and budgie-proofed the seed cups.

haYour move, budgies.

Cooper’s Favorite Things

nThe blinds in my office.

n2She is on them constantly.

n1Which is not a good thing. I don’t want her chewing them up or pooping on them.

naughtyIt doesn’t matter how many times I shoo her away, every time I turn around, there she is, hanging on the blinds.

n3Naughty budgie!


doneWell, the new perch I put in yesterday did not last long. Last night I heard a big clunk and this is what I found when I came in to see what happened. The rest of the perch was on the bottom of the cage. Cooper was looking very pleased with herself.

done2That’s two perches in two days! And it’s not like Cooper and Sunny don’t have several wooden toys to chew on. No more dowel perches for these budgies.