The entries…

This year we received 26 amazing entries from artists of all ages for the Draw Cooper Contest.
The judges are currently deliberating (I am glad I am not one!) and the winners will be announced on May 1st.
Cooper hopes you enjoy all these wonderful works of art as much as she does.


Tina Saxton

Gabriele Pignataro

Shawn Ballard




Kübra Yasar



Beverly Taylor

Luanne Workman


Bella Kaminski


Lila, age 10




Kim Gough


@_ringo_j_bird_ (background by Ringo the budgie)

Hannah Miethe

Hayley Gilbert

Mariangel Mayorga


Sunny Days

On Friday I noticed that Sunny was a bit lethargic and her breathing was labored. Luckily, Harry was able to make an appointment with the vet the next day. Sunny has an abdominal bulge (most likely an enlarged organ) and occasionally needs to have fluid withdrawn. The vet withdrew quite a bit of fluid and gave her a lupron injection.

She was immediately better. And so were we!

Here she is looking more herself, bright and sunny.


Last week a small flock of budgies were found on a Laguna Niguel trail. Mission Viejo Animal Services arrived and rounded up the budgies. The budgies were not able to fly and some appeared to have been injured by large birds.

Photo: City of Mission Viejo

The birds were fed and given water, given names and examined. They will be put up for adoption.

Photo: City of Mission Viejo

If you should find yourself unable to care for your birds, please do not set them free. Budgies are not likely to survive in the wild. Finding food and water is problematic, and they are likely to be attacked by animals and other birds.
Taking them to a shelter or rescue is their best chance for finding a safe, happy home.

Photo by Mark Rightmire, Orange County Register/SCNG

You can read more about the budgies here.