Awesome Aviaries

The budgie aviary at the Turtle Back Zoo in Essex County New Jersey.

The aviary houses approximately 500 budgies.

Visitors can feed the birds with seed sticks.

Love and thanks to our friend Adam Sullens for the photographs. Hopefully we’ll be able to visit the birds (and Adam) in the future.

Brainy Budgies

In a study published by the journal Science, it was found that female budgies prefer intelligence in a mate.
In experiments, select males were trained to open a box containing treats. Other males were not. The females were able to choose between males who could open the treat boxes and males who could not. The females overwhelmingly chose the males who could solve the puzzle, even if they had previously been passed over as mates.

Actual mating was never observed – so it is not clear whether the new male were chosen by the females to mate with or were just to be friend zoned. You can read more about the study here.

Awesome Aviaries

The Villa Borghese Aviary in Rome.

photo by judy h on flickr.

The aviary was built at the start of the 17th century and at one time housed rare birds (such as peacocks, swans and ostriches). The aviary is located in the Villa Borghese Gardens, part of the former private estate of the Borghese Family (and now public park).

Awesome Aviaries

Jurong Bird Park in Singapore.jbp_map-desktop-resolution1This sanctuary has some of the largest free-flying aviaries in the world. There are feeding sessions where you can get close to the birds. They also have a breeding and research center which is open to the public. jurong-bird-park-106966_1920There’s a bird themed playground for the kiddies. You can have lunch with the parrots or catch the Kings of the Skies or the High Flyers bird shows. jbpMake sure you add the Jurong Bird Park to your around the world aviary tour!

Awesome Aviaries

Weltvogelpark Walsrode in Germany.vogelpark_2013_final1_kleiner-1024x709The park has over 4,000 birds and 675 different species from every continent and climatic zone in the world. weltvogelpark_gruppen_fuhrungen-3-1024x682They have shows, tours, meet and greets with the birds, lush botanical gardens and even a beer garden.flugshow-5-1024x682You can even adopt (sponsor) a bird. Budgies included!vogelpark-walsrode-wieder-fuer-besucher-geoeffnet_artikelquerphoto: Uwe Zucchi/Archiv