2 thoughts on “Keet Seat

  1. The bench with the integrated cage looks like cruelty to animals for me. The cage is way too small, no toys and then in direct sun. And no food or water.

    Hopefully the budgies were just in it for a short time to taken that picture.

    But it could give people bad ideas. 🙁

    • I think it’s supposed to be more of an art piece, though. And that it’s just in the sun on the beach for the photo. But I agree about the size, toys and lack of sun. Plus, it’s wood – and budgies would chew their way out in no time. At least mine would.

      Unfortunately, people keep their budgies in cages smaller than that, and with no toys, lack of good perches, etc. And so many are not given good care, taken to the vet when needed, etc. We see a lot of them on Craigslist for sale. Birds shouldn’t be pets in the first place (and this coming from someone with birds). That’s why we won’t buy from pet stores or breeders. Only adoption. Perhaps someday birds won’t be in cages at all. Wouldn’t that be lovely?

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