Lorikeets Galore! Galorikeets!

Yesterday I visited the Aquarium of the Pacific with my niece Solera (Lera’s namesake). They had a lorikeet exhibit, because why wouldn’t there be a bird exhibit at an aquarium?lThe aviary was fantastic. I would love to have something like that for the budgies.2You can purchase nectar cups to feed the birds. You can’t pick them up, but if they perch on you, it’s fine. 1The lorikeet enclosure houses five subspecies of Rainbow Lorikeets and two close relatives of Rainbow Lorikeets and the Violet-Necked Lory.3Though it looks like I was only able to get shots of the Green-naped Lorikeet…
If you’re ever in the Long Beach area, I would highly recommend a visit to Lorikeet Forest.

2 thoughts on “Lorikeets Galore! Galorikeets!

  1. They are so pretty. We fed lorikeets at a bird rescue park in Tennessee and one of them crawled into my dad’s shirt!

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