Cooper’s Book Report

This month’s book is Petey Parakeet by Crosby Bonsall – illustrations by Sunny B. Cook.

Danny brings home a little green and yellow parakeet he names Petey. He takes very good care of Petey, giving him fresh water, fruit, a mirror and toys to play with. He and his friends spend time with Petey and teach him how to talk. Petey picks up lots of words and phrases from the television and radio. Unfortunately, he uses them at inopportune times, irritating Danny’s father and offending Mrs. Parks, their next door neighbor.
One day a little dog tries to steal the pies Mrs. Parks has cooling on a window ledge. Will Petey save the day and say the right thing at the right time?

Cooper thought this was a cute, little book with charming illustrations. She was happy to see a blue budgie make an appearance (Mrs. Park’s budgie, Pretty Baby). She was not surprised that Petey used the right words to save the day. Budgies are very clever. Her favorite part of the book was when Petey told uppity Mrs. Parks to, “Go soak your head.”