Vet Visit

Lera and Sunny visited the vet today. Lera had 2.5 grams of fluid withdrawn and a Lupron injection. Sunny Side-Up has been an egg laying machine, so she had a Lupron injection as well. Sunny was a little frightened (wings away from her body and panting), but she did a great job. Lera, of course, is an old pro.

Ozzie and Felix were so happy to see them when we came back – lots of preening and feeding. Both girls are doing well. Other than two more follow up visits for Sunny, I’m hoping we can avoid any more vet visits for the rest of the year!

vetSunny waiting for her turn.

2 thoughts on “Vet Visit

  1. Wow, Michelle – withdrawing fluid and a lupron injection – what is this treatment for? Excessive egg laying, and/or something else?…

    • For Sunny, the injection is because she is laying too many eggs (13 so far). It’s to shut down her ovaries. Lera isn’t laying eggs, but she keeps filling up with fluid. She’s been in at least three times this year for withdrawals. The vet thinks it may be a reproductive issue, and that a Lupron injection might help. They seem a bit less “twitterpated”, so hopefully the Lupron is working. Fingers crossed!

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