Meet Charlie!

CharlieCharlie is an Eclectus Parrot who was rescued by Rebecca Blagg, a coordinater of the Safe Haven parrot rescue centre in Nottinghamshire. His former owners had abused him to the point of starvation (he was plucking out his own feathers and eating them to survive). He was in such dire condition, the veterinarian suggested the most humane thing to do would be to put him down. Mrs. Blagg refused to give up on him, and took him home to nurse him back to heath.

Mrs. Blagg knitted him sweaters in several colors to keep him warm. The wing holes are extra large so that they don’t restrict movement.

“The first summer after we had him it was red hot and I thought he was going to melt with his woolly on. I took it off and he started to go bonkers. I put it back on and he just calmed down straight away!”

Charlie is doing well now – and still likes to wear his sweaters.

9 thoughts on “Charlie

  1. Well when one looks at sharp in a sweater as Charlie does, why wouldn’t one want to wear it all the time? Good for him! 🙂


  2. I agree with Susan, thank god for people like Mrs. Blagg. Poor little sweetheart.
    It’s sweet how he loved his woolie.

  3. Charlie is SO lucky to have been rescued by an Angel like Mrs. Blagg. And he’s so handsome in his sweater.

    And oh yeah, shame on you, parrot abusers >:(

  4. I just luv Charlie! I’d like to kiss him right on his crop area (without the sweater of course)! Some folks think feather loss is unattractive but I think he looks sweet bc you can see more of his healthy body. I bet he’s really strong.

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